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Turnkey Contract

Leave the worries to us

This type of turnkey contract is designed for the construction of single-family homes and industrial buildings.


This plan is designed for those private clients or developers, who want an optimal and centralized management of the design and construction of the project.

Get to know a little more about turnkey contracts 


A Turnkey Contract is one under which we are responsible for both design and construction. The basic concept is that in a Turnkey Contract we provide the works ready for use at the agreed price and by a fixed date.


Our company is in charge of defining and carrying out the construction project and the technical documents necessary for the execution of the works, request the municipal licenses, subcontract the different work units, choose the constructive solutions that are proposed and the different materials to use, and, of course, to execute the works until their completion.


This type of contract frees the owner of all those tedious and uncommon tasks that tend to be quite complicated.


However, although our professionals, take care of everything that the project requires, it does not mean that we act freely, but in all the process. Working only to the owner's specifications


In this type of contract, we take charge from the preliminary design to the smallest details, with the participation of different technicians who are responsible for the management, construction and even the commissioning of all facilities.


Always in a close collaboration with the client.

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