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ECO Houses

Always taking care of the enviroment

An ecological house is self-sufficient.

Meaning that all resources used are naturally replenished and collected from renewable sources.

Becoming greener is less harmful to the environment and a lifestyle choice.

New trends in architecture point towards to self-sufficiency and self-sustainability. Caring for the environment is one of the biggest concerns of the modern era and our region is ideal for an eco-friendly home. Ecological houses are in demand because they are effective architectural solutions to the problem of energy consumption in the construction of new buildings.


What is an ecological house?

An ecological house is self-sustaining, all its energy consumption depends on natural sources, so the carbon footprint is minimal or non-existent.


Water is also a fundamental element in every home, and for a house to be ecological it must also be based on the preservation of this important resource


The foundations of an ecological house are based on the fact that energy is Never wasted, any sources of energy are naturally replenished and waste is kept to a minimum.

We offer tailor-made environmental solutions

We offer many options to have better adaptability to the needs and lifestyle of our clients.

  • Solar panels

  • Geothermal system

  • Rainwater recycling systems


The materials required in this type of construction, are mostly natural and abundant. They are usually traditional or recycled materials.

Ecology and sustainable architecture

Sustainable development as a concept is quite new, and we have incorporated it into our company to offer a broader range of possibilities.


There are examples throughout history that demonstrate how our ancestors were able to overcome the challenges imposed by nature, particularly the climate, using their ingenuity in a very unique way and without affecting the environment.


One of the most striking cases is the turf houses of Iceland, true jewels of the ancient architecture that we want to present also in a project.


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