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We work in a close collaboration with our clients to offer a personalized service according to their needs and individual circumstances. Our company is committed to what we do, and always we exceed the expectations of our customers.

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About us


Founded in Marbella in 1996 by professionals with great experience in construction.


Since our inception, our main activity is to execute construction projects, offering a wide range of different services and possibilities for the construction of your house, while understanding your specific needs.


We create and execute a comprehensive and innovate plan and providing the maximum added value to all our customers, during all phases of the project.


The team of Aldea de Marbella is made up of experienced professionals, technicians,  construction and administrative personnel.

Working together for a common goal.


Professional services

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Plantas creciendo

ECO Houses

Always taking care of the enviroment

An ecological house is self-sufficient.

Meaning that all resources used are naturally replenished and collected from renewable sources.

Becoming greener is less harmful to the environment and a lifestyle choice.

Casa moderna

Luxury Villas

Satisfaction guranteed

Get the results you deserve with quality service.

Our team of qualified professionals brings their experience and knowledge in each project.


But what really differentiates our services from the rest of the sector is our attention to details, the receptivity to the needs of each client and the personal involvement from the management to each one of the professionals involved in the project.


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Professional service

Do you need a change in your business or home?
We supply all the equipment and the necessary skills to attend any type of work that our clients need, regardless of their magnitude.
Our commitment guarantees a reliable service performed in a professional manner and complies with the deadlines

Clave del éxito

Turnkey Contract

Leave the worries to us

This type of turnkey contract is designed for the construction of single-family houses and industrial buildings.


This plan is designed of those private clients or developers, who want an optimal and centralized management of the design and construction of the project.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

E. Roosvelt.

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Aldea de Marbella

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